5 Tech Stories of the Week It’s back, by popular demand!

1. Microsoft Rolls Out 9 Windows Phones
Look out, Apple! Nine new Windows Phones are coming on November 8, and they offer more hardware choices than the iPhone, a beautiful user interface, and readily available info at a glance.

2. Puck Yeah: Clearwire’s 4G Hotspot Can Replace Broadband
This little hockey-puck-shaped device is the first of many, promising really fast wireless connectivity everywhere.

3. How GM “Lied” About The Electric Car
GM officially rolls out the Chevy Volt this week for public consumption, but that 230mpg mileage number might not be quite true. And what’s this? Its gasoline engine is more than just a generator?

4. Mind-Blowing Video App Can Transform Any Flabby Slob Into a Hottie
So what if you’ve put on a few extra pounds? There’s an app for that.

5. Finally, US Congress Puts a Stop to Loud TV Commercials
They’ve passed the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation (CALM) Act, but you’ll have to wait until November, 2012 for obnoxiously overmodulated ads to be forced to quiet down.

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