Is Ubuntu 10.10 yet another chance to ditch Windows?

The next version of Ubuntu is coming soon The easy answer here is “of course!” But it’s a little tougher now that we aren’t comparing Ubuntu to Windows Vista.
As many schools have begun rolling out Windows 7, an operating system that I actually like quite a bit and that has considerable traction just about everywhere, the arguments against Windows 7 began coming down to only cost and the occasional religious debate. Add in Windows Multipoint Server, easy remote desktop/multiuser environments enabled in Windows Server 2008, and a variety of multiuser and VDI scenarios from third parties that leverage Microsoft technologies and you have some pretty compelling arguments in favor of Microsoft operating systems in schools.
But then there’s Ubuntu. There are plenty of other Linux distributions with the whole FREE thing going for them, but Ubuntu is fast, powerful, easy, flexible, and particularly well-suited to education. And the release candidate for the latest versions of Ubuntu and Edubuntu (their education-centered version of Ubuntu) is just plain awesome. Unless you’re 100% wedded (for either religious or technical reasons) to Windows or OS X, it’s hard not to like Ubuntu//Edubuntu with their huge array of free software, snappy performance, elegant interface, fast installations, and ultra-fast boot times.
As if that weren’t enough, there’s a robust server version, a newly-redesigned netbook/tablet-optimized interface, 32- and 64-bit support, and the chance to support a great community-driven, quintessential 21st-century project. Whether you need a web server, an LDAP server, a snappy interface for those netbooks running Windows XP Home, or a desktop upgrade from Windows XP without the price of Windows 7, Ubuntu can provide not only a viable alternative, but a really competitive OS.

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