Femtocell Technology full data potential of Apply iPhone 3GS with Ubiquisys G3 femtocell

Femtocell releases full data potential of new iPhone.

The Apple iPhone 3GS features HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) which has the potential for ultra-fast internet download speeds. The 3GS is rated at 7.2 Mb/s, which should provide a maximum real-world speed of around 6.86 Mb/s.

This video demonstration shows the performance of an Apple iPhone 3GS when teamed with the Ubiquisys G3 femtocell.

The first test measured the typical indoor 3G performance from the macro network. We then tested the same phone using the Ubiquisys G3 femtocell, and finally we tested the iPhone/femtocell in tethered mode via a laptop.

The results show that the Ubiquisys G3 femtocell enables Apples iPhone 3GS to reach 6.77 Mb/s download speed, releasing its full HSDPA potential.

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